Question Answered: Which are the Best Beverage Coolers for People Who Love to Entertain?

Beverage coolers are efficient, for people who love to entertain, because your refrigerator will no longer be cramped with various drinks, and you don’t have to worry about guests rummaging through your refrigerator to find a soda or beer. If you are someone who likes to entertain, it’s important that you have a beverage cooler that has a maximum amount of space that makes it easy to store and organize various beverages. Continue below to learn about the best beverage coolers for people who love to entertain.

1.) Whynter BR-130SB

The first beverage cooler on our list is the Whynter BR-130SB. The Whynter BR-130SB is priced at $335, and can hold a capacity of 120 standard cans. This freestanding beverage cooler has an adjustable temperature that ranges between 30 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as an adjustable LED lighting system. The Whynter BR-130SB has five shelves, as well as a lower bottom storage center, thus organizing and grabbing drinks throughout the night is extremely easy.

2.) EdgeStar Supreme Cold

The EdgeStar Supreme Cold beverage cooler is perfect for people who want to have a variety of drinks available for their guests. Although this beverage cooler retails at the low price of $289, it has a variety of space and shelving that some of the most expensive beverage coolers don’t have. The EdgeStar Supreme Cold can hold 103 standard cans as well as 5 standard bottles of wine across the six shelves, which slide-out and are completely removable. The interior of this refrigerator uses an internal fan that evenly distributes temperatures that range from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the best parts about this beverage cooler is that it comes with a lock system. So, when you’re not entertaining, you can ensure that your adult beverages will remain secured.

3.) Avallon 152 Can Beverage Cooler

The Avallon 152 Can Beverage Cooler is one of the most expensive (it costs $899) and advanced beverage coolers on the market. The Avallon 152 Can Beverage Cooler can be used as a built-in or freestanding beverage cooler. This beverage cooler features three glass shelves that slide out and are completely adjustable. Two LED lights are featured on each side of the unit, which ensures that your beverages remain illuminated. The LED lights can be adjusted from a soft blue color to a strong white illumination. The 152 cans remain cold in this beverage cooler with the advanced fan technology that ensures cool temperature is evenly distributed throughout. The Avallon 152 Can Beverage Cooler even comes with a true-key lock system, which allows you to control when people have access to the beverage cooler.

4.) Kegco Dual Tap

If you’re a beer enthusiast, then you might want to look into purchasing a kegerator, such as the Kegco Dual Tap. This beverage cooler is multi-functional, as it can be used to dispense beer, or to store your beverages. Priced at $664, the Kegco Dual Tap is around the typical price of an average kegerator. The Kegco Dual Tap can fit one full sized keg or three kegs that are each five gallons. The dual tap technology and maximum space inside the Kegco Dual Tap enables you to dispense two beers at once. This kegerator even comes with a keg tapping starter kit that includes all of the fundamental technology you need to begin dispensing beer. When you’re not dispensing beer, you can store other beverages across the two removable shelves. If you’re interested in learning more about the Kegco Dual Tap then read this.

5.) Danby 120

Even though this beverage cooler is cheaply priced at $212, the Danby 120 is the best rated beer fridge on Amazon. This renowned beverage cooler can hold up to 120 standard cans across its four black wired shelves. The mechanical thermostat can be changed from 43 degrees Fahrenheit to 57 degrees Fahrenheit, thus you can alter it to meet the cooling needs of your beverages. The bright LED interior lighting is activated once the door is opened, so guests can easily view the beverage options. Like any other advanced beverage cooler, the Danby 120 has integrated lock system to prevent people to getting in the beverage cooler when you’re not entertaining. For more information about the Danby 120 click here.